Got the Pandemic 20?

Do you have the Pandemic 15-20?

Like many of us since March of 2020 have gained an extra 15 to 20 pounds, added on top of the already 30 pounds I gained just from going through Menopause.

Once I hit the age of 45 it seems as if I can’t seem to slow down my weight gain.   It’s been a slow gain over a long period of time.  I’m 52 years old now and I now sit here realizing it’s time for me to lose some of this extra weight.

I’ve been involved in an Affiliate Marketing Company now for about 4-5 years but haven’t been doing much as far as marketing it, because the main product was CBD Oil.  And if I was truly being honest, I was just being plain lazy.  Don’t get me wrong, the CBD Oil product is awesome and I actually take the product.

Over this past weekend I went to the company’s 5th annual convention and they released a weight loss regime!  I could hardly contain myself and I’m super excited about it.

BodyMelt is a line of effective wellness and weight loss supplements and an entire program designed to help people lose weight and keep it off for good!

  • Plant-Based Protein Shake (choice of chocolate or vanilla)   ****  Personally I am going to get the vanilla – I’ll explain below on the next bullet point!
  • High-Performance Energy Drink – This flavor is Peach Mango.  I plan on putting the 1 scoop into my Vanilla Protein Shake in the mornings to also help boost my energy for the day!  I believe this will taste amazing – Peach Mango Vanilla!
  • Burn Metabolic Blend – Capsules I plan to take at Lunch Time.
  • BodyMelt Detox – Capsules I plan to take at night so that I can flush everything out in the mornings before I start my day… (hope you catch my drift… LOL)
  • Micro Bio Prebiotic & Probiotic – I’m going to do some testing to see when the best time is to take this, I may start this with my dinner meals and see how it goes.  Or I may do it with my breakfast shake.
  • Greens Superfood Blend – this one I’m not sure about because I don’t like Vegetables but I’m going to try my best to take this because I know it’s actually really good for me!

This program includes a 30-day plan to achieve new levels of weight loss and wellness.  Recipes, exercise tips, and more!

You will be able to get social support through Facebook Pages and a Facebook Group I will be creating where you can join the program with others, share tips, and keep each other motivated!

Click on each of the pictures below to see each of the 6 products individually and read more about them.

Prior to MyDailyChoice launching the product they had people who were test subjects that took the products for 5 weeks.  There were a total of 6 people.   3 men and 3 women.  I have 3 of their pictures below.   Between the 6 of them they lost a combined 142 pounds!

When visiting my website make sure my name is at the top of the page and then click on the Body Melt link. I have attached a screen shot below.

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