Reinventing Myself 2019 Style

Back in 2005 when I started in my Vemma business, we used a system called Vemma Builder. It was such a cool tool that did all my follow up for me. All I had to do was get people to opt into my page and voila, my Online Marketing system was done. I got a personal autoresponder through Get Response and at that time I believe I was able to import the opt ins into the system.

As Online Marketing progressed and I started making money, I had my own opt in page built so that I could have people opt in directly to my page the image I have included in this post is a screen shot of that page. I started to work on branding myself and not a company. I had heard this was the thing to do to build an audience or following so to speak. Read up on my history here: About Me

Email marketing was booming and I was able to build a niche for myself and anyone who joined my team. I had the money to have websites designed and even had an awesome website designed for people who had joined my team.

Today is a whole different story. With social media you can build a nice business without spending a ton of money. I am learning new skills and different online marketing systems to build a business in 2019. One thing I can say about social media, and doing the free marketing, it does take time. I have committed to an hour or two a day following a system using social media.

If you’d like to join me on this journey learning new things about Online Marketing in 2019 Click Here!