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Facebook Support Group

Would you like some assistance on your weight loss journey?  Are you on Facebook with your mobile device most of the time anyway?  We offer a great support group on Facebook to help you.  You can find healthy recipes, tips for weight loss and just some new friends.

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Capture Leads

Want help capturing leads (email addresses) by using awesome Landing Pages? Then make sure to sign up for Get Response, they have awesome webinars that will walk you through getting all setup.

About Me

Seasoned Network Marketer since 2005. I have only been involved in a few companies over the last 12 years. Once I find a company that I truly believe in, I go in with 100% dedication.

For a brief time I owned my own affiliate marketing company which had to be shut down due to circumstances beyond my control.

I now look for companies that are structured similarly to my company I started. I have found a simple Affiliate Marketing company which has no purchase requirements to make money so I have decided to dive in.  I feel great sharing awesome products with people that will help them on their journeys in Health & Wellness and also Internet Marketing.

It feels right to be involved with people I was once in business with before and I am looking forward to our bright future together.



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